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Clara Chill pushes elements of electronic, pop and classical music into new areas and thus creates her own universe of sounds; a fusion of haunting melodies and intense beats, combined with cinematic soundscapes and experimental voice effects. Her music reflects the long journey as an artist through the galaxy of oscillating frequencies and vibrating subbasses, torn between light and dark.

Growing up in Berlin and undergoing a classical music education from an early age, Clara quickly followed the path of songwriting and composing. This led to a number of prizewinning works, such as 'Gloomy Soul', for which she was awarded as best soloist at the Berliner Festspiele.

In the following years, Clara worked in recording studios in Berlin, composing for films, audio plays and commercials. It also influenced her personal productions, which are often characterized by dramatic narratives and filmic aspects. Over the past years, Clara has been performing as a solo artist mainly at festivals such as Antaris Project and Ozora Festival, often under the alias Acousmatica. 

Creative Research

After studying Popular Music and Recording in Manchester and graduating in 2016 with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Music, majoring in composition and recording, Clara moved to Aarhus in Denmark to follow up her studies in Electronic Music Composition at the Royal Academy of Music. As part of her master’s project she has been working on an interactive musical device for children with autism. Her research project continues and aims to raise awareness of autism and the importance of including music interventions in the treatment of autism. The idea is to provide autistic individuals a musical companion that can support them in their daily lives—a companion that can be used at home, in school or even as a therapeutic tool complementing goals of therapies, for example, occupational therapy.

Pic by www.joernmeisterjahn.de


Winner of the DMEA's Digital Audience Award
"Making Sense Of The World - The Creation Of An Interactive Musical Device For Children With Autism" was selected by the audience as their favorite project in the category Master Theses

Finalist at the DMEA sparks Young Talent Award 2020
DMEA, Europe's largest fair for digital healthcare solutions

Music for the Podcast Series "Film Studies bling-bling"
starting on January 20, 2020
available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts
produced at the Film University Babelsberg (Germany)

You Are So Blue and Save The World broadcasted at Syntheclectico
USA, Baton Rouge Community Radio WHYR 96.9 FM
Now available for streaming here

Autism Europe 2019 - "A new dynamic for Autism" 
The project "Building bridges with interactive music"
was ranked 11th out of 70

Master's Project Defense in Aarhus, Denmark
"Making Sense Of The World — The Creation Of An Interactive Musical Device For Children With Autism"
07.06.2019 at The Royal Academy of Music

Music for the Podcast "Du lytter til kroppen"
14.01.2019 at Soundcloud

Performance in City of Salford @ Project: Trinity
11.05.2018 at Sacred Trinity Church

Music for the Webseries "Stemmer i Mørket" (Pilot-Episode)
21.01.2018 watch the trailer here

Performance in Aarhus, Denmark @ DIEM Elektro Concert
08.11.2017 at Musikhuset

Performance in Hungary @ Ozora Festival
31.06.2017 - 06.08.2017

Performance in Stölln, Germany @ Antaris Project
30.06.2017 - 03.07.2017 Open Air Festival


Phone: +49 151 240 79 717‬
Email: mail@clarachill.com
Aarhus, Denmark

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